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Episode 29
"Sora yori Awaki Ruriiro no"
[Azure Paler Than the Sky]
"Believe in the miracle that your wish will come true."
Shiori and Ruka's history of the last episode is briefly repeated. As hundreds of students crowd the windows to watch, Shiori below them is very publically and painfully dumped by Ruka. Utena and Anthy are in the crowd that watches. Anthy notices Juri walking through the crowd, not even turning to look.
Shiori does not appear in class. Juri carries on as usual. Utena asks Juri to help Shiori, but Juri says it's not her problem- she doesn't care about it. Utena and Anthy discuss the situation later at night, holding hands. It seems like Anthy will tell Utena a secret, but she then stops herself...
Shiori leaves messages on Ruka's answering machine. Ruka, looking upset, is away, on a drive with Touga and Akio. Juri visits Shiori, but Shiori looks deranged and won't even open her door to let Juri in. Then, Juri asks Ruka to get back on good terms with Shiori, but Ruka refuses, saying Shiori is a liar (and so on and so on...) Juri becomes enraged and attacks Ruka, but he pins her to the wall. He also snatches away her locket and threatens to crush it; she slaps him and rescues it. She challenges Ruka to a fencing duel. If Juri wins, Ruka will get back on good terms with Shiori. But, if Ruka wins, Juri will do whatever he wishes...
(It seems that Ruka won.) Ruka listens for the coming of the Ends of the World; Touga appears and so does the car... Ruka plays for Juri the messages that Shiori left on Ruka's answering machine. He talks Juri into fighting a Duel once more for the miracle power. The next morning, Juri challenges Utena.
Ruka acts as Juri's Bride. Throughout the Duel, Juri sees her earlier duel with Ruka; as she loses to Ruka, Utena seems to be losing to Juri... Utena summons the power of Dios. But instead of taking the rose... Dios takes Juri's locket... which shatters on the floor of the Arena. Juri staggers blindly forward, sagging. She comes to a halt... and it begins to rain over the Arena. She removes her own rose and lets it fall to the ground. Ruka tells Juri not to worry.
The next day, Ruka is gone. And Shiori walks behind Juri...
- Duel Song Lyrics Available

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