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Episode 28
"Yami ni Sasayaku"
[Whispering in the Dark]
As Utena and Anthy observe, Juri goes about her usual routine of plowing through students in the fencing class. A mysterious man steps forward and challenges Juri to a fencing game, defeating her by a narrow margin using a fighting style almost identical to Juri's. The man turns out to be Tsuchiya Ruka, the former captain of the Fencing Club who has been away from school for a long time because of illness. He taught Juri her techniques. And he also bears the Rose Signet, a fact that surprises Nanami and Miki when he appears in the next Student Council meeting, wearing a Duellist's uniform, to deliver the next letter from the Ends of the World. Miki asks if Ruka will fight Utena, but he seems to laugh off the notion.
Juri watches unhappily set to the side as Ruka dominates the fencing class. Shiori is watching him as well... Ruka finds her in the locker room later. Ruka comments, "Oh, so it was you." Shiori has been polishing his saber while he was away. He doesn't mind it at all, though she is shy about it. He kisses her, after commenting that she must be a very good person. And so they become lovers and are seen together often.
Juri and Ruka speak at a waterfront park. She asks Ruka not to make passes at Shiori, but he refuses. At night, Juri catches Shiori and Ruka kissing by a fountain- but worse, Ruka is looking directly at HER as he does! Because of this, Juri tells Shiori not to trust him. Shiori, of course, blows her off.
The next night, Shiori runs to the fountain where she normally meets Ruka... but Touga is waiting there instead. Akio's car appears inside the fountain. Ruka and Shiori see the Ends of the World in the back seat... In the rose garden the next day, Shiori rips a white rose from its branch and gives it to Ruka, who then challenges Utena to a Duel. Shiori acts as his Bride. In the duel, Ruka fights just like Juri, and seems to have the upper edge on Utena.
Utena uses the power of Dios to beat Ruka, but it exhausts her. Shiori says they can try to win the miracle power next time, but Ruka tells Shiori that he won't fight any more, not with her as Bride. Shiori protests: she's been polishing his saber, thinking only of him! But Ruka smiles nastily, saying it wasn't his. He knew she was lying all along.
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