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Episode 36
"Soshite Yoru no Tobira ga Hiraku"
[And the Doors of Night Open]
Touga and Saionji talk. Touga says that certainly Akio saved Utena by getting her out of the coffin ten years ago, but he says she is still in it. Saionji adds to it that not only her, but Saionji and Touga also are in their coffins. Meanwhile Juri and Miki agree that somehow they feel Utena looks more like a *girl* lately- and that it's dangerous.
Touga and Saionji go for a drive together (in a motorcycle and sidecar!) Saionji wonders what Touga's going to do about the coming duel.
In the middle of the night, Touga visits Utena, who's already awake. Utena is suspicious, but Touga says he wants to talk to her about the Ends of the World, so she agrees. They go to the Duel Arena. Utena says it's the first time she's ever been to the Forest without being in a duel. Touga asks if she's afraid. Utena says no, but it's a strange feeling. And Touga wonders if that strange feeling is romantic...
When they walk through the gates, Utena thinks the stars are beautiful.. but the Castle isn't there above them. It does appear a moment later, however, and they watch an aurora borealis. Touga compliments Utena, but she tells him to get to the point. Touga asks Utena if she loves Akio. She says it's not like that. Touga seems pleased. He -seriously- confesses his true love for Utena, saying he wants to be her prince and that he wants her to become his princess, even though he knows she actually loves Akio.
Touga is now determined to fight Utena and he thinks he must win for Utena's own sake. Otherwise, he knows Utena will be made a toy of the Ends of the World. Touga delivers his challenge. But if Utena loses, she will become his girlfriend... that's the condition of the Duel.
Saionji acts as Touga's Bride. During the duel, Touga grabs Utena to himself, and tells her he will always protect her.. but they both know it's the end, and they drift apart... Utena flashes back; she promised Anthy she would always protect her...
Utena wins. "Akio is waiting." Touga warns Utena that Utena has become the one who revolutionizes the world, but she shouldn't trust the Ends of the World -or- the Rose Bride...
- Duel Song Lyrics Available

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