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The Utena Encyclopedia
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Episode 39
"Itsuka Issho ni Kagayaite"
[Someday Shine Together]
Utena slumps to the ground in the Bride's arms. "Why.."
Anthy answers, "You are like what Dios used to be when I loved him. But you can't become my prince--- You are a woman." She throws the sword away, leaving Utena gasping on the ground. She takes the sword from Utena's hand.
"Do you understand? This is not a game." Akio asks.
Saionji is about to remove his signet, but Touga stops him.
Akio demands the sword from Anthy. She hesitates. Akio says, "In the end, we had to hurt your friend. Yes, it's my fault. If I were aiming to become a prince like before, maybe nobody would have suffered." Akio sheds tears. Anthy says, "You know everything about the world, and still you have chosen this road." Akio asks for the sword again, and Anthy gives it to him. He says she's a good girl. He turns and starts to walk away.
Akio stops before a gate covered in rose vines, saying, "The Doors of the Rose --- the doors by which the power to revolutionize the world has been sealed down." As he stands a low moaning rises over the Arena. "They're coming. ANTHY!" Anthy moves to follow, but Utena, lying on the ground, snatches at her dress. But Anthy says, "Such a nosy brave warrior. But I tasted at least the feeling of friendship. Good bye."
A pyramid of swords rises below the walkway Akio stands on. Akio says, "A million swords shining of human hatred... They take life seeing this Sword of Dios." Utena struggles on the floor, and looks up to see that Anthy has been made into a sacrifice, pinioned in the air. To Utena's horror, the swords begin stabbing Anthy. Akio watches, "Taking swords in place of the prince --- it's the fate of the Rose Bride. It's all Anthy wished for, herself." Utena screams for Anthy and tries to drag herself along the floor. Akio tries to break the seal to the power to revolutionize the world, using the sword taken from Utena. Each time he strikes the wall, Utena screams in pain. She begs Akio to help Anthy... Her voice becomes that of her childish self.
Utena hears Dios's voice, "Don't move now. I'll take care of you later. In those doors shaped like the rose, there's eternity, 'glow', and the power of miracles. With those powers there's nothing that can't be done. But they're not for you. You are a girl. You don't have the power. If you did, you could do anything. You could release Anthy from her fate. But how to use the power..." The voice becomes Akio's, " up to me."
Dios tells Utena to close her eyes- she's done well to come this far. He leans down and kisses her signet. But Utena slams her fist into the ground, and forces her body to stand as the shadows of swords pass over her.
Akio thrusts the Sword of Dios at the wall, and it snaps in half. He sighs, "This sword didn't work either. When will I ever regain the Power of Dios? Well, it's okay. The Rose Bride is mine. Someday..." Akio notices Utena staggering to the doors. Akio says, "Don't tell me you are going to try to open the doors." He catches her as she starts to fall again. "The Sword of the Prince is broken. You can't open the doors..." Utena shoves her hand in his face and stumbles past. Akio seems indifferent, and walks back to the Arena.
Utena clings to the doorway and looks back, screaming for Anthy. She tries to pry the door open with her hands.
Akio and Dios sit together and watch Utena. Akio says, "Surely, she is like what I used to be. I used to think there was a value in single-heartedness. I thought that was the only means to change the world. but single-heartedness cannot change anything. Without power, your life has to depend on someone else. To obtain that power, I have risked so much. That's the way the world is."
"Shut up!" Utena says, "Himemiya... You don't know how happy I was just with you." Her tear falls and triggers something... The flow of swords has been suspended. Dios mounts a carousel horse. Utena is struggling to pry open a coffin... The Rose Doors have opened. Akio yells in a panic, "Don't open it! You don't know what'll happen!"
Utena pushes the coffin open an inch or two. The swords that were enveloping Anthy begin to shake and finally explode outward- Anthy is no longer at the center. Akio stares up in horror and screams. The Million Swords violently circle overhead...
Little Utena calls out, "Himemiya... Himemiya..." Anthy, also speaking as a child, asks, "Who are you?" "I've come to save you." Little Anthy says, "But you are..." Utena replies, "To meet you, I've come all this way. So, don't fear the world where you and I will meet."
Utena's tearsoaked face is visible through the crack in the coffin. Utena says "Himemiya! Himemiya!" Anthy, inside the coffin, murmurs, "Utena-sama.." Utena is sobbing, but she smiles. "...At last I've met you." Anthy blinks and moves forward. The Arena begins to fall apart... Utena thrusts her arm through the crack in the coffin, screaming for Anthy to take her hand, but Anthy says that she -can't-, "Run! No, no! Get out of here! The swords..." Utena won't stop. "TAKE IT, take it QUICKLY!" Anthy bursts into tears. She reaches for Utena's hand... "Someday...Someday, together..." Utena smiles. Their hands touch. But Anthy still falls.... leaving Utena lying on the broken platform face down... Utena says, "So I can't become a prince...? I'm sorry, Anthy, for turning out to be a prince of make-believe... I'm so sorry..."
The Million Swords race toward Utena.
Wakaba rings Utena's doorbell, but there's no answer... The Million Swords tear apart the Arena, the caracole, and the planetarium projector...
The world is all the same; it doesn't seem to have changed at all. The sun rises over Ootori Gakuen. Some girls are talking about Utena. "Hey, Utena... Who?" "Don't you know her? There was a girl who always dressed like a boy and got scolded by teachers. It's her." "Oh it is her." "But I heard she got seriously injured and hospitalized a few months ago." "Hospitalized? I heard she was betrayed by a lover or a friend and transferred to another school." "I heard she got into trouble with the trustee chairman and expelled from school. Well, who cares?"
Anthy walks through a hallway. (Credits roll now.)
Miki teaches Tsuwabuki how to use a stopwatch. Kozue sits at the piano behind them. Touga and Saionji have a duel. Nanami makes tea for both. Juri calls for her next opponent. Shiori steps forward. The three henchman of Nanami offer letters to Keiko, Aiko and Yuuko, but are rejected. Wakaba is jumped in a window by another girl...
Akio comments to Anthy, "It hasn't been very long, but it seems people are completely forgetting her. So she couldn't bring about a revolution after all. She vanished away. She was just another dropout of this world. We'll start the Rose Signet Code over from scratch. I'm counting on you, Anthy."
But Anthy leaves her glasses on his desk. (Chuchu leaves his earring and tie!) "You don't even see what happened, do you. It's all right now. You be here in this comfortable casket, and keep being a prince of make-believe forever. But I must go." Akio says, "Go... to where?" Anthy says, "She hasn't vanished. She merely got out of your world." Akio says, "What are you talking about? Hey... Wait! Anthy!" Anthy says, "Good bye." and walks away.
The bells ring...
Anthy smiles to Chuchu and picks up her bags, "This time, I will come. Wherever you are, I will definitely find you. Wait for me, Utena!" (calling her without an honorific for the first time.)
There is a picture of Utena and Anthy together. It's obvious that Akio was cut from the picture. Utena's voice says, "Say, if you are suffering, talk to me, whatever it is. I want to be your friend. And someday, together..." Anthy's voice replies softly, "Someday, together...?"
The title: "Someday Shine Together"
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