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The Utena Encyclopedia
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Episode 38
"Sekai no Hate"
[The Ends of the World]
The ascension to the Arena, as usual... The Victor and her Bride take each other's hands... The Arena is dark, and before them appears Dios and his sphere.. then Akio emerges. "So you are the `Ends of the World'." Utena seems to have known it already. Akio says, "I am your prince, and you have come all the way up here in order to see me." Utena asks about Akio's purpose of making people fight Duels. Akio says he always sees a dream that the prince and the princess are living in a castle happily forever --- The prince is Akio, the princess Utena." He takes Utena's hand. Anthy's eyes roll back into her head (!) and she disappears. Akio draws the sword from within Utena, transforming her into the Bride. He says that "You have reached here without losing your noble mind, so you are my real princess. This sword does not suit you any more. From now on, I'll keep the sword and protect you. And we, the prince and the princess, will live in the castle happily ever after." But Utena asks what will happen to Anthy. Akio says she will be the Rose Bride forever.
Flash back to Anthy's suicide attempt. Utena pulls Anthy back over the edge. Anthy confesses, "Since I am the Rose Bride, I am a doll without heart (mind). I thought, even if I was tortured physically, I'd never be tortured mentally. I'm sorry, Utena-sama... I deserve these torments as just punishments to the Rose Bride, but I made you suffer as well. I knew it all along. I have been taking advantage of your innocence. I'm sorry. I'm so mean. I've been betraying you all along..." Utena says, "No. I didn't even notice your sufferings, even though I set myself up as your prince. I was so conceited to think I was protecting you. When I found about the thing between you and Akio-san, I even thought I was betrayed. Even though I said we should help each other with anything, I didn't even notice your suffering. It's me who's mean. It's me who betrayed you..." Anthy says, "It's all right now. Please leave the academy." Utena says, "I can't. I can't do that."
"No, I can't do that." Utena recovers herself, and yanks the sword away from Akio. Akio says, "You should no longer be a pure soul who was aiming to become a prince. Looking at you reminds me of my former self. But that is why you can't save Anthy. The prince, the castle, and everything are all fake. I'll show you the realities now --- the ends of the world."
The shutters in the Planetarium lift away, and the Duel Arena turns out to be Akio's office. Akio says, "Don't you think it's a wonderful planetarium? For those who have a childish wish for eternity and the power of miracles to exist, this device shows visions of fairy tales. There is no place higher than this room. This room is Ohtori Academy's... the world's top. You may be still too young to know the value of this room. That's why you are after the castle of illusion in the sky, rather than this room of reality." Utena says she hates this room because of what Akio and Anthy have been doing in there. But Akio shows Utena's sin through the projector --- she knew Akio was engaged...
Akio says Utena should remain a girl. Akio says, back then, Akio saved Utena who was weighed down by reality, and trying to end it all. Thanks to him, Utena could face life again. Akio hasn't changed since then. Anthy remains the Rose Bride and witch. And Utena was a girl back then and still is a girl now. Utena doesn't need a sword, because she can become a noble, beautiful princess. Utena asks what Akio is going to do with the sword. Akio says he is going to revolutionize the world. Utena says, "Aren't you her brother? Are you going to leave her as she is?" Akio sheds tears, "Stupid creature. To begin with, the `prince' does not exist anywhere in the world. Do you know what that (large ball) is? It's the grave of Dios, the prince. When she was first called a witch, Dios as a prince died. I as the prince do not exist." Utena says, "So, I have to fight you." Akio says, "For Anthy's sake? I also once thought that Anthy was a goddess who sacrificed herself for her dearest one, me. Maybe she actually was, but now she is a witch. And she enjoys being a witch, herself. We loved each other. But she can find no other way to be happy."
The rest of the Duellists gather to await the end. The Duel named "revolution" starts. Akio says, "I am not a Duelist. This isn't a game. If you don't take back your sword now, you'll have to learn the horror of a real fight. A child like you can't understand my ideal." The Duel is fiercely joined. Akio continues, "For the ideal you don't know, the Rose Bride exists. No child can understand the value of this room. She is acting as the Rose Bride of her own will." Utena's mind is filled with her memories of Himemiya. She drives back Akio and screams, "I will become the one who will release her!" Akio says, "Do you know what that means?" Utena says, "I know, it means I will become the prince!" Akio is surprised. The projector goes berserk and the Castle falls in a shower of light. Utena charges Akio while he's distracted and furiously drives him back across the Arena. At the last moment, Akio pushes Anthy toward Utena to save himself.
Anthy clutches Utena's arm, kisses her shoulder... then..
She stabs Utena through the back. "Himemiya... Why... "
- Duel Song Lyrics Available

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